1957 Chevy Bel Air 15" Steering Wheel

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Product Overview

American Retro 15" 1957 Chevy Bel Air Steering Wheel

- 15" diameter (compared to 18" originals)
- Original look and feel without the Original size
- Fits original and aftermarket GM style tilt steering columns (note: ididit kit #2612100040 needed for tilt)
- Uses original horn, hardware, and turn signal switch parts
- Sporty and comfortable
- Includes chrome horn ring and emblem
- Center emblem/logo is interchangable with stock and reproduction emblem if a more original look is needed.

This 15-inch American-Retro steering wheel replaces the original 1957 18" stock GM wheel from vehicles of that vintage. This sporty replacement gives your car an original look, yet provides drivers the comfort and handling of a 3-inch smaller diameter modern size wheel, a benefit especially for cars converted to modern power steering. Don't wrestle with that "bus-size" steering wheel any longer! American-Retro's new smaller steering wheel is the answer!

Made to fit to the original steering column using all the original horn, nuts, and turn signal switch parts. The American-Retro wheel comes complete with a chrome horn ring and a center cap. Installation is easy - just bolt it on! Finished in black. For other colors, simply paint to match your vehicle.